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ascendence n : the state that exists when one person or group has power over another; "her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her" [syn: dominance, ascendance, ascendancy, ascendency, control]

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Ascendence is the second album by Australian heavy metal band Lord. It was released in early September 2007 by Melbourne label Modern Invasion and will be issued in Japan by Soundholic.


Pre-production work began on the album in late 2006; in January 2007 Lord Tim started a thread on the band's online forum that detailed the writing and recording process, also revealing that the artwork for the album had already been completed, by Colombian artist Felipe Machado Franco, who had also done the cover for the Dungeon album One Step Beyond. Ascendence was recorded at the band's studio in Wollongong, Australia. Pop singer Tania Moran tracked backing vocals for several songs and guest musicians Chris Brooks and Mark Furtner added guitar solos in four tracks. Furtner has since been added to the group as Lord's permanent second guitarist.
The bonus track varies according to regions. On the Australian release, it is a Pantera cover that originally appeared on the Pantera tribute album The Art of Shredding: A Tribute to Dime, but has since been entirely remixed. On the Japanese release, it is an X Japan cover featuring vocals from the singer of Japanese band Vigilante.

Track listing

  1. "Echoes of the Past" – 0:39 (T. Grose)
  2. "Reborn" – 5:51 (T. Grose/T. Yatras/A. Dowling)
  3. "Going Down" – 4:30 (T. Grose/T. Yatras)
  4. "Same Old Lines" – 5:41 (T. Grose/T. Yatras/A. Dowling)
  5. "Rain" – 6:07 (T. Grose/T. Yatras/A. Dowling)
  6. "My Own Way" – 6:22 (T. Grose/T. Yatras)
  7. "Through the Fire" – 4:50 (T. Grose/T. Yatras)
  8. "The Calm" – 1:12 (T. Grose/T. Yatras/A. Dowling)
  9. "Limb From Limb" – 5:46 (T. Grose/T. Yatras/A. Dowling)
  10. "220" – 2:35 (T. Grose/T. Yatras)
  11. "Legacy" – 7:51 (T. Grose/T. Yatras)
  12. Bonus track according to region:


  • Tania Moran – backing vocals
  • Gareth Michael – backing vocals
  • Mark Furtner – guitar (on 4, 10)
  • Chris Brooks – guitar (on 5, 7)
  • Mav Stevens – guitar (on 12, Australia)
  • Hideaki Niwa – vocals (on 12, Japan)
  • Produced and mixed by Lord Tim at SLS Studios, Wollongong
  • Drums and vocals engineered by Adam Jordan at Main Street Studios, Wollongong
  • Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and editing by Lord Tim at SLS Studios, Wollongong
  • Cover Art - Felipe Machado Franco
  • Booklet design and layout - Lord Tim
  • Photography - Lord Tim and Karyn Hamilton
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